“Unified Finance CRM”

about Loan depot

With the recent acquisition of multiple financial lending companies, the need was to have a central CRM solution that is accessible to everyone across the board. One system was desired instead of multiple systems currently being used. Also, customers would like to get the best option from multiple loan operators to find optimal terms for loans, insurance, etc. so that they don’t need to go to market for their requirements.

Industry: Finance/Lending
Country: USA
Products used: Sales Cloud
Integration: LendingTree, Textible.io & Pandadoc

The Challenges

  • Capture Student’s information in a single place rather than storing the same information at multiple levels.
  • Login provision for students to access the courses they are interested in.
  • Provision of the portal that can be used to assess the students learning as well as their attendance in person.
  • Helps in broadcasting the message to every individual in terms of notifications.
  • Missing 360-degree view of students as well as their progress on exams.
  • Update the minutes/discussion done internally within the faculty members for the progress.
  • Missing online payment when students opt for specific courses.
  • Raise a ticket in terms of any issues, or suggestions.

What did we do


  • Custom solutions developed for the students as well as staff using the «Experience Cloud».
  • Students are provided permission to block their attendance when they are in the classroom.
  • Geo-locations are captured for each student and «check-in» as well as «check-out» of the classes to maintain integrity.
  • Multiple processes for students, hostels, staff members, and announcements are developed in a manner so that information is broadcast at a run time.
  • MIS is facilitated by the university so that all the information is available to the stakeholder team.
  • Launching of the application via native mobile application was done so that it is accessible from anywhere.
  • Integration with Razor Pay for online payment for the students.


  • Build the university’s confidence by removing the manual intervention taken over by automation.
  • Complete 360-degree information for the students/staff members/admin/etc. as well as their payment information
  • UI was designed and developed in a manner that covers all aspects of the student’s Journey.
  • Information is available 24/7, up-to-date, and in real-time.

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