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Salesforce services

Together with our close partner, we are a leading provider of Salesforce consulting services, implementations, development, outsourcing services, various cloud solutions, and other professional Salesforce solutions. We have a presence in the USA, Australia, Singapore, India, and now also in Norway and Europe.

We have a significant number of certified Salesforce consultants who can help you develop industry-specific CRM tools, customized to your business. The goal will be to streamline and optimize while generating more leads and higher revenue.

Cloud solutions we deliver

Contact us if you would like to talk about how we can help your company customize and develop a Salesforce solution that best suits your business needs.

Our team of highly skilled Salesforce consultants will assist and ensure that your organization achieves the goals you have set for yourself. Through our many years of experience in a wide range of industries, as well as our strategic and tailored approach, we help you realize increased value for your business through the right setup and use of Salesforce.

Read more to find out how we provide you with an overview of some of the key Salesforce services we can offer you, and more in-depth information on how we work with your organization to establish an effective platform that generates a positive impact on your operations.

What can you expect?

 Our Salesforce consultants help your sales, customer service, marketing, and technology teams translate vision into technology solutions and change the behavior of your people, not just the technology.

We offer end-to-end Salesforce Cloud consulting services that include application development, Cloud application collaboration, and Cloud solution support for end users. We integrate your organization’s existing systems into one centralized and accessible platform.

With us, you will find a proven quality process that is followed in our collaboration:


We facilitate contact between your company and our team of experts, who are keen to familiarise themselves with your business and your needs and challenges related to the existing implementation. We achieve this by asking relevant questions to gain a better understanding of your situation.


Our approach is to propose solutions to complex business challenges by prioritizing what is in the best interest of your company, rather than imposing our assumptions on you. This is our genuine interpretation of Igniting Digital Transformation.


Our philosophy focuses on collaboration rather than working for the individual, recognizing that collective effort produces the best possible result. As your dedicated partner, we take responsibility for driving your success and that of your business through effective implementation – for the benefit of the entire organization.


Our commitment is to continuous improvement rather than perfection. That’s why we actively listen to your and your organization’s feedback and focus our efforts on continuous improvement at every milestone, sprint, and launch.

Why choose us as your Salesforce partner?

We are a team of professionals

We are a team of experienced professionals with a high level of expertise in their respective fields. We have a comprehensive understanding of client’s needs, from basic to advanced requirements. After a thorough review of your company’s business plan, we make recommendations for necessary changes, eliminations, and customizations as needed. Our primary goal is to utilize the full potential for business development and deliver these opportunities to our clients.

We have many years of experience and expertise within the entire Salesforce ecosystem

Over the past many years, we have assisted a wide range of clients all over the world. Every single client assignment has been carried out and finalized with satisfaction and trust, based on the work that has been done. Our working methodology and comprehensive follow-up and support have been highly praised and have given our clients a sense of partnership throughout the process. If you wish, we can provide you with references from previous clients and various projects, so you can hear directly from our client’s what kind of services we provide and what the collaboration and project have been like. We are confident in our experience, expertise, and execution.

We are a cost-effective consultancy partner

Although our services are characterized by high quality and executed with a high degree of expertise and experience, our fees as your partner are more reasonable than you will find with many of our competitors. At the same time, we are committed to delivering as agreed at the agreed price. Our goal is more than just making money; we are committed to creating strong relationships based on a deep understanding of the client’s needs and good deliveries on our projects. In this way, we ensure new references and more satisfied clients. That’s why we focus all our efforts on achieving the best possible results for all our clients.

We guarantee your satisfaction

Our commitment extends beyond delivering various Salesforce services that provide both time and cost efficiencies for our clients. We prioritize ensuring that you achieve a high level of satisfaction with all our services, before, during, and after the project. Having completed hundreds of Salesforce projects, many organizations have become regular clients for other IT services with us at Red Orange Technologies. The satisfaction our employees receive through positive feedback from our clients and new project references is a catalyst and proof that the quality of our services is high.


We deliver services you can rely on

Unlike those who make unattainable and lofty promises, we pride ourselves on having delivered the best Salesforce consultancy services to a wide range of organizations over many years. Our commitment is based on in-depth expertise and trust, which we earn through every project. When we commit to delivery, you can rest assured that we will deliver according to plan, within the proposed timeframe, and at the agreed price.

Hiring a Salesforce consultant?

Here are some basic symptoms that indicate you should hire a Salesforce consultant:

  • When you believe your user expertise is insufficient.
  • When you are unsure if you will be able to maximize the system.
  • When you feel that you are unable to complete Salesforce projects on time.
  • When you’re not able to get a 360° view of your customers and opportunities.
  • When you’re not able to keep your customers happy.
  • When you lack the necessary reports that you believe are needed to reach business goals and overall performance evaluations.
  • If you have no idea how to calculate the total return on investment.
  • When you feel your sales are declining and the conversion is affecting your overall revenue.

Contact us at Red Orange Technologies for a no-obligation chat about how we can assist you and your company with various Salesforce solutions and mapping your needs.

Here is a more detailed description of some of the Salesforce services we can offer your organization. In addition, we can help you implement, optimize, and ensure implementation on your Salesforce platform.

Salesforce management

Salesforce has evolved from a pure CRM platform to a comprehensive ecosystem due to its diverse service offerings and the many tools that are customized for different specific purposes.

Among the various designations in the Salesforce ecosystem, the role of the Salesforce Administrator is particularly important. Administrators play a crucial role in ensuring the overall functionality and optimal deployment of Salesforce within an organization. We have skilled and experienced Salesforce administrators ready to help you and your company successfully implement and operate Salesforce in your organization.

Why choose the Salesforce Administrator service?

When we provide the Salesforce Administrator service to our clients, our professionals recognize the extensive responsibilities that come with the role. We guarantee that our administrators do their utmost to fulfill all tasks within their remit and provide guidance on every step of the process.

To read more in-depth about what the role of a Salesforce administrator entails, you can find it here

Hire a Salesforce developer

Red Orange Technologies helps you establish teams of Salesforce developers immediately and based on your needs. Our team of developers will help you achieve all your goals and streamline your business processes just the way you want them!

When you hire Salesforce developers, you get help building and deploying applications that enable you to offer customized solutions to your customers and improve the overall experience when they interact with your company.

We enable you to hire Salesforce developers without having to go through a tedious recruitment process. You can avoid spending time, money, and effort on advertising, collecting CVs, and hiring and training new employees by getting skilled and dedicated resources that can start working on your projects right away. We have the skilled resources that give you quality, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability in your project.

You can rest assured that our certified Salesforce developers are skilled at utilizing the latest tools and technologies to help you stay ahead and carve your niche in the industry you operate.

As a leading Salesforce development company, we have years of experience providing end-to-end services to clients around the world. Our team of certified Salesforce developers is thoroughly trained to understand your business needs and tailor solutions that are unique to your organization.

To read more in-depth about what we offer when it comes to hiring a Salesforce developer, you can find it here


Integration services for Salesforce

Salesforce is a comprehensive platform that offers users a wide range of tools and features. However, users often find themselves having to switch between different platforms and use different software to perform specific processes. Our Salesforce integration services aim to bridge this gap by providing a centralized platform that integrates features from different devices.

Salesforce integration involves merging the functions of Salesforce with the functions of a third-party application or server. Our integration services are tailored to provide Salesforce users with an optimal combination of CRM and the integrated platform, bringing together Salesforce data and data from the third-party application in one common interface.

Salesforce integration can be achieved by installing a dedicated application from the Salesforce AppExchange or by implementing a customized integration using code. Developers and consultants can utilize different integration patterns to seamlessly integrate data between the two platforms.

Factors we consider together with you before a Salesforce integration

Type of integration

Based on your specific requirements, we help you find the type of Salesforce integration that best suits your needs. The main types of Salesforce integrations include real-time integration, real-time mashups, batch integration, and AppExchange integration. Each integration type is suitable for different scenarios. For example, real-time integration is recommended when a new record is created, ensuring instant updates on both platforms. If you choose a different type of integration, there may be delays in synchronization, requiring manual reconciliation of data by users.

Opportunities for assistance

Before moving forward with Salesforce integration, it's important to find out who can help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise. With our Salesforce integration services, you can rest assured that we offer comprehensive support before, during, and after the integration process.

The frequency of data transfers

Finally, we consider how often data is transferred between Salesforce and the other applications or systems. We prioritize addressing all relevant details necessary to ensure a seamless transition of data at different frequencies. Once you have a comprehensive understanding of the data customization and development goals of the integrated platform, you can focus on finding the optimal data transfer frequency.

Why choose our Salesforce implementation services
  • Centralized database.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Increased precision.
  • Ideal for non-technical users.
  • Seamless workflow automation.
  • Easy access to data.
  • Insightful reporting.
  • Seamless communication and collaboration.
  • A holistic overview of your customers.

 To read more in-depth about what lies within the different implementation solutions, you can find it here .

Contact us at Red Orange Technologies for a no-obligation chat about how we can assist your company with various services within the Salesforce ecosystem that will improve and streamline your operations.

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