Salesforce Administration

Due to the diverse range of services offered and a variety of tools tailored for specific purposes, Salesforce has evolved from a mere CRM platform into a comprehensive field of study. Aspects such as development and consultancy are areas that enthusiasts can delve into, acquiring expertise in the process.
Salesforce administration services

Due to the diverse range of services offered and a variety of tools tailored for specific purposes, Salesforce has evolved from a mere CRM platform into a comprehensive field of study. Aspects such as development and consultancy are areas that enthusiasts can delve into, acquiring expertise in the process.

Among the various designations within the Salesforce ecosystem, the part of Salesforce Administration stands out as particularly crucial. Administrators play a crucial role in ensuring the overall functionality and optimal deployment of Salesforce within an organization. We are equipped with skilled and experienced Salesforce Administrators ready to assist you and your company in the successful implementation and operation of Salesforce in your organization.

Why choose Salesforce Administration Services

As we deliver Salesforce Administration Services to our clients, our professionals are acutely aware of the diverse responsibilities that come with the role. We guarantee that our administrators deliver their utmost effort in executing all tasks within the scope of their responsibilities and provide guidance at every step of the process.

The services rendered by our administrators, along with their responsibilities in Salesforce Administration, can be categorically divided into five distinct phases based on specific time intervals.


Services are provided in real-time

Let us take an in-depth look at all the details our administrators are handling for your organization:

  • Our administrators are unlocking specific user accounts and/or resetting passwords if a user forgets their credentials.
  • They help you in dealing with issues regarding single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication, and certificate issues.
  • They help in adding white-listed IP addresses within your system.
  • They help in making modifications and creating new Salesforce reports.
  • They look after troubleshooting of email campaigns, approval cycles, workflows, and auto-responders that might generate bounced emails.
  • They are refining or leveraging specific access privileges and sharing rules, allowing you to view and manipulate records efficiently.
  • If some of the data records have been set with record types or if ownership has denied their access to users, the administrators would help you fix these records.
Salesforce Administration
Salesforce Administrator

Services our Administrators are providing weekly

  • The Salesforce Administrator would take a weekly snapshot of your system data and attachments, run it, and store the same on the platform. This data, including all history tables, is stored for at least 90 days.
  • They help you in running tools for data de-duplication such as DemandTools and Ring Lead to avoid your data sets being duplicated.
  • They are running adoption and data quality dashboards.
  • They keep track of APEX queues and time-bound workflow, ensuring there are no unexpected entries into the system.
  • They keep a regular check on the login history table to ascertain any user lockouts, unexpected IP addresses, and login errors.

Services our Administrators are providing monthly

  • The administrators would make monthly changes and additions to your pick-list values and other relevant fields.
  • They have the responsibility of running field utilization reports, and helping you identify new sources of data pollution.
  • They undertake a total metadata backup of your sandbox images and your main system image with the help of Eclipse before refreshing your sandboxes.
  • They are responsible for refreshing your sandboxes and coordinating the timings of such updates with developers using the specific sandbox.
  • They would gain all relevant knowledge about high-priority fixes by and install the same within your system.
  • They would make archive copies of error logs present in your integration server or any connected applications.
  • They are responsible for running a full system data backup on all the systems and applications integrated with SFDC.
  • They help you run Salesforce Data Loader or other data extraction tools for pulling out the custom setting data and comparing the same with the corresponding files belonging to the previous month.
  • As the administrators would possess names of all custom settings, they would compare the current custom settings metadata with the exports of metadata in Eclipse from the previous month, spotting necessary differences in object definitions.
  • They are manually adding the “notes” field in your production system if a custom setting object does not contain the same.
  • They are responsible for looking into your email logs and identifying any unwanted use of email through the platform of Salesforce CRM.
Salesforce Data Loader
Salesforce Communities

Services our Administrators are providing quarterly

  • The administrators are responsible for adding and removing the members of your Salesforce Communities or Partner Portals.
  • They would download CSV from your system administrator set up audit log.
  • They would run reports to identify the Salesforce reports that have not been run by users for over six months. After identifying them, the reports are hidden from the users, but not deleted from the system.
  • They are responsible for running the “Roles by Profile” report, helping you ascertain the roles or profiles with no active users.
  • They indulge in the examination of new pick-list values that have been modified or added to specific fields in your system.
  • They archive weekly data snapshots that are older than 90 days.

Services our Administrators are providing annually

  • The administrators would create an archive of all the field history tables of your system, making sure your audit trail goes beyond a year.
  • They will archive or purge specific documents, tasks, and emails to reduce the storage changes within your system while complying with all email/document retention policies of your organization.
  • They would archive relevant chatter histories for compliance, regulatory, and auditing reasons.
  • They help you in updating your system road maps; summarising new upgrades and feature additions that would help you attain your organizational goals.
Salesforce Administrators

Our Salesforce Administrators are empowered members of your team. Recognizing the significance of constructing robust CRM tools that streamline user efforts and time, thereby enhancing overall organizational productivity and consulting, we offer Salesforce Administration Services for your organization. Our administrators embody the right amount of resilience, conviction, and a fair level of authority. Our administrator will work with your team as empowered team members, working in complete coordination with your employees, ensuring that all the tasks are undertaken with utmost efficiency.

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