“HDFC Bank: India’s Largest Private Bank”

about HDFC Bank

Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC Bank Limited stands as a prominent Indian banking and financial services institution. As of August 2023, it holds the distinction of being India’s largest private-sector bank in terms of assets and ranks as the world’s fifth-largest bank by market capitalization. This positioning is a result of its acquisition of the parent company HDFC.

Industry: Financial/Lending
Country: India
Products used: Sales Cloud & Service Cloud
Integration: Oracle database and ILPS.

The Challenges

  • Support services for Service Cloud implementation.
  • Location-wise visibility of customer cases getting created.
  • Different surveys are sent to the customer and their respective feedback.
  • Working on day-to-day issues L1 and L2 teams face during their day-to-day activity.
  • The system is not in sync with other platforms which is integrated with Salesforce.
  • Implementation of Lead Management system in Salesforce as per their business process.
  • Implementation of Loan Management system in Salesforce.

What did we do


  • A deployed support team that works on L3 and L4 tickets raised by the HDFC Team.
  • Defining SLA for resolving the L3 and L4 tickets.
  • Introducing different automated services that will reduce the L1 & L2 tickets for the Salesforce users.
  • Ensure seamless sync between different platforms by improving the integration process identifying errors coming daily and getting them resolved by appropriate teams.
  • Setting up daily monitoring activity to ensure smooth process flow.
  • Optimization of the Salesforce instance to ensure the health of the organization.
  • Connecting with businesses to understand the exact requirements for new implementations and working on designing the optimized solution.


  • Reduce the number of L1 & L2 tickets for the HDFC users.
  • Smooth case closer for the customers.
  • Getting good feedback on the survey and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing user productivity by providing the required information in a single screen for the users to tackle the scenario.
  • Better visibility for management at any issues.
  • Less time for the loan process.

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