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about maple advance

A financial Company that is a provider of financial services and offers funding, pre-approved and business loans, cash advances, alternative lending, and traditional banking services.

Industry: Finance/Lending
Country: USA
Products used: Sales Cloud
Integration: DocuSign & Ocrolus

The Challenges

  • Enable loan «origination» process.
  • Track the prospective merchant and collect all relevant information including documents.
  • Screening of merchants through the «underwriting» process.
  • Collaborating with syndicators for funding for the deal.
  • Initiating the funding process with the merchant as well as payback to syndicators.
  • Tracking of all the payments.
  • Missing 360-degree view as well as analytics of their customers.
  • Calculating all commissions and providing a dashboard.

What did we do


  • The solution was designed into multiple stages (origination, underwriting, syndication, etc.) with various custom reports and dashboards.
  • Stages are defined and each stage defines the process of execution i.e., background verification, merchant info, bank account, loan offered, etc.
  • Collecting merchant information and customizing the application to reflect the business process proceedings.
  • The solution was designed with various reports and dashboards.
  • Stages are defined and each stage defines the process for execution.
  • Responsive customization to meet industry and company-specific requirements in terms of processes and data capturing.


  • Easy access to all the data from any location via a developed user interface.
  • Information is accurate, up-to-date, and real-time.
  • Eliminating management oversight of tracking the stages as each stage corresponds to a specific output.
  • Customization to meet industry and customer-specific requirements in terms of processes and data capturing.
  • Complete 360-degree information on the customers and their payment status.

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