Thursday, May 23

We will focus on 3 things during this event. But let us know if there is something else within the Salesforce universe, we can assist you and your business with.

You can book a meeting with us in advance via Calendly. Find a time that suits you so that we can have a chat about Marketing Cloud, Communication Connector, or any other way we can assist you and your company.

We at Red Orange Technologies have developed our own Salesforce Communication Connector that allows you to send SMS directly from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud while getting information directly back to Salesforce. In this way, you get to utilize Salesforce to the fullest, and you will get back all the necessary information from your customers by sending an SMS directly from Salesforce. We work with SMS aggregators such as LinkMobility, Eurobate, and Go4Mobility, but we can customize our Connector to the service provider you use. Talk to us about sending SMS from Salesforce.
Head of business development, Arne Magnus Alhaug
CEO Europe, Henning B. Figenschou
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