Red Orange Technologies and Techila Global Services: A co-branded Salesforce powerhouse

In a transformative collaboration set to redefine the Scandinavian and European Salesforce landscape, Red Orange Technologies and Techila Global Services have strategically joined forces, leveraging the principles of co-branding to create a distinctive identity in the industry. This unique partnership operates with Red Orange Technologies spearheading operations in Europe, while Techila Global Services takes the lead in the United States and Asia.

In this partnership, both Red Orange Technologies and Techila Global Services are demonstrating impact through co-branded success. The co-branded partnership between Red Orange Technologies, with its Norwegian management and part-ownership, and Techila Global Services is not merely an alliance but a strategic fusion of brand strengths. By showcasing successful projects, the collaboration emphasizes the synergistic impact of two established brands coming together. This impactful union extends beyond geographical boundaries, as Red Orange Technologies not only manages European operations but also collaborates seamlessly with its counterpart in India, further diversifying the reach and expertise of the partnership.

The co-branded approach recognizes and capitalizes on the unique strengths of each partner in their respective markets. Techila Global Services, with its stronghold in the US, and Red Orange Technologies, now deeply rooted in the Scandinavian landscape, and moving into Europe, create a complementary synergy.

Co-branding allows Red Orange Technologies and Techila Global Services to strategically target specific industries with tailor-made solutions, as highlighted on both websites. This targeted approach fosters a sense of specialization and trust among clients.

The co-branded partnership’s long-term vision emphasizes the exploration of emerging technologies within the Salesforce ecosystem and being at the forefront of Salesforce innovation. The collaboration recognizes the value of adapting to industry trends and expanding services cohesively, showcasing a shared vision that is integral to the success of co-branded initiatives.

For us is co-branding more than just two brands working side by side. For us, it’s a close partnership between our people. A family feeling and being dependent on each other. Together we will take on the future as a strong combined unity in the market.

Red Orange Technologies and Techila Global Services co-branded partnership emerged as a strategic force in the European Salesforce domain, showcasing the potential and power of co-branded alliances in the dynamic world of technology solutions. Please feel free to contact us and schedule a meeting where we can deep dive into your potential and how we can assist you.


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