Optimize your IT strategy: How outsourced resources from Red Orange Technologies can empower your business

In a business world where demands for technological development and cost control on IT projects are crucial, we at Red Orange Technologies, can support you and your organization with efficient implementation of IT projects. With our various concepts, including outsourcing IT resources from our Indian company to Norwegian businesses, we open the door to a world of competitive advantages. Our solutions offer you not only cost-effectiveness, but also expertise and flexibility that will help accelerate your organization’s ability to implement your various digital projects. Contact us at Red Orange Technologies, for an evaluation of your needs and how we can support your organization’s IT strategy. Now, let us tell you about some of the benefits of working with Red Orange Technologies and our skilled employees from India.

Cost efficiency

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring IT resources from India is cost savings. India offers high-quality work at a lower cost compared to Norway. This reduction in cost allows companies to channelize funds to other important areas of your business, such as innovation, marketing, and further growth. All projects are managed from our Norwegian team in Oslo and carried out by highly skilled employees from our offices in India.

Access to highly skilled resources

In India, with a population of 1.4 billion, it is reported that there are approximately 5.4 million people working in the IT industry. As reported from the Ministry of Electronics & IT “India’s trillion-dollar digital opportunity” will result in India’s goal to be a trillion-dollar digital economy and could support 6.0 to 6.5 million digitally enabled jobs by 2025-2026. India has a young demographic and with highly educated people within the IT sector. Annually, the country trains many highly skilled IT resources, including software developers, engineers, computer scientists and project managers. Resources working in areas such as integrations with SAP, Hubspot and Salesforce. Programmers in .NET/Java and PHP. WordPress developers, Reacht front end, Node and Full-stack developers, to name a few of the areas.

The IT industry in India consists of a significant number of people with skills and competences that give Norwegian companies an opportunity to meet their short-term and long-term resource needs. This provides freedom of choice and a range of opportunities to strengthen your organization’s IT department. Regardless of industry or technology platform, your organization can, through Red Orange Technologies, find suitable resources in India that are ready to meet your company’s needs.

Flexibility and scalability

Hiring IT resources from India provides unrivalled flexibility to your company’s IT strategy. You can easily scale up or down according to project requirements, which is invaluable for companies with seasonal or project-specific needs. This eliminates the need for permanent hires throughout the year and enables cost-effective customization as needed. Whether you base your development on only hired resources or if your company wants to complement your own resources with hired resources.

Time difference as an advantage

The time difference between India and many Western countries can be an advantage. While you’re sleeping, the Indian team is working. This means that work is carried out over a longer period of the day, and you can benefit from shorter lead times for your projects. This can be crucial for meeting tight deadlines and keeping your organization competitive. The time difference between Norway and Red Orange Technologies’ offices in India is 3.5 hours in summertime and 4.5 hours in wintertime. Our developers have already worked a few hours when your Norwegian IT team comes to work.

Cultural diversity and global adaptability

India is known for its cultural diversity and ability to adapt to different business cultures. This enables Indian IT resources to work seamlessly with international teams. They have extensive experience of working with international clients and take a global approach to issues. Today, IT resources from India work with organizations from all over the world, adapting to each individual work environment and culture.

Quality and expertise

Despite cost efficiency, the quality and expertise of hired resources are essential criteria for us at Red Orange Technologies. Many Indian IT resources have backgrounds from recognized universities and significant experience with international customers. By choosing a reliable service provider, as the team at Red Orange Technologies, and implementing proper recruitment processes, you can ensure that you get well-qualified resources and high-quality work.

Flexible localization according to your business needs

An added benefit of hiring IT resources from India is the flexibility to customize the location of your resources according to your company’s requirements and needs. You can choose to have the resources located in India (offshore), integrated into your Norwegian business, together with your Norwegian IT team (onsite), or have them work remotely at Red Orange Technologies’ offices in Norway (offsite). This flexibility allows you to optimize your working environment and methodology according to project needs, capacity in your company’s premises and your team’s preferences.

Red Orange Technologies: Your Norwegian IT partner

Red Orange Technologies has established itself in Norway and is ready to support your organization with highly skilled IT resources from our Indian company. With our experience from the last 12 years in IT outsourcing, integrations, cloud services and more. Delivered to several countries, including the US, and now with a prominent focus on providing customized solutions to Norwegian businesses. With local Norwegian leadership and project control, we can help you maximize the benefits that outsourced Indian IT resources can offer you and your business. Together, we can develop a more sustainable business model, more efficient production, with a greater degree of freedom, and at a lower cost. Together, we develop a more robust IT infrastructure that supports your organization’s success.

Complementing and supplementing your existing IT resources with outsourced resources from Red Orange Technologies is a strategic decision that provides your organization with benefits such as cost efficiency, access to highly trained and experienced IT resources, and flexibility. To ensure success and understanding within your organization, it is critical to select a reliable partner and have effective project management in place. By capitalizing on India’s strong IT expertise and working with a partner like Red Orange Technologies, your company can gain a significant competitive advantage in today’s dynamic IT environment.

Contact us at Red Orange Technologies for an evaluation of your needs and how we can support your organization’s IT strategy.

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