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Leverage Social Media Marketing To Grow Brand Awareness

Social media is a powerful way to build brand awareness and drive new leads. Red Orange Technologies specializes in strategic social media campaigns that focus on building and protecting a positive brand image, creating loyalty among fans, and driving new traffic for your business. It’s not enough to simply create a post and hope the world will see.

Red Orange Technologies takes social media marketing a step further with a highly personalized approach, joining local groups on your behalf and sharing your content throughout relevant local networks. Our approach results in an average increase of 1500-3000% visibility of your posted content.

Engaging and Consistent Posting Schedule

The key to a great social media presence is consistency. People engage with social media all the time, and the rate grows every year. They scroll through feeds constantly, searching for relevant news and conversations about their favorite topics or about their own niche industry. People use social media around the clock, and what keeps them engaged is a reliable schedule, and knowing what to expect so they don’t have to waste their time waiting.
As part of social media marketing we can anticipate these habits, in order to make a schedule that works best for both your business and the content you aim to provide. Not too frequent to annoy people, but never too sparing to make them worry that things have gone silent. We seek a natural middle-ground, where community engagement happens at a healthy rate that helps the social side of your business grow.

Reputation and Review Management

Having a good reputation is key on social media. Too many businesses have toed the line between being too casual and being customer friendly. Too far in either direction can be considered too dangerous. You can diminish your credibility as a business with thoughtless or random posts, or you lose your personability if you post too much “like a business”.
Red Orange’s CT social media management team keeps your reputation in check by managing how others perceive you through research and relevant search results for your business. We will help shape how your brand is perceived, monitoring reviews across multiple sources, and manage your past and future posts on all major social media platforms.

Custom Social Media Strategy for your Industry

Every industry is different. Each has an unspoken standard in place that dictates how the customer expects to see you, and how you should expect to present yourself on social media. Healthcare companies don’t regularly joke about the job they have to do, while fast food restaurants have enjoyed thriving social reputations by mocking one another and embracing a pushback culture. Each industry has very different social media standards, and not all strategies are interchangeable between industries and business verticals.
Research is key to determining what approach will be the right one for your industry. Red Orange’s digital marketing team has experience across a wide array of industries, and we’ve honed our ability to meet and exceed the expectations of consumers in the various spheres of social media.

Profile Updates and Regular Reporting

Social media marketing takes time – and it has to be done consistently. Every change in your business should be promoted, but not every change is equally important. Deciding exactly what to report on, what content to push, or what image to promote (all while also running a business) is difficult. But the task can’t be entrusted to just anyone – you have to be able to trust the agency that is managing your social media and acting as your voice on the internet.
Red Orange Technologies has years of experience in social media marketing, and we know the best ways to make positive, marketable, and lead-generating updates to your profile as part of a modern social media marketing strategy. In addition, you have final approval over everything that goes out under the umbrella of your brand. With online post approval, you’ll know what your brand is posting online. Every step is recorded and reported on, from what worked well to what can be improved upon. From that data we adapt new future strategies as the market around your business changes, giving you a better understanding of what your company can do to stay current.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a relatively new method of marketing which relies on individuals rather than massive companies or algorithms. Influencers are people with social media accounts who have established their own audience through personality and self-promoted content. These individuals sometimes act as private advertising contractors by taking sponsorships or deals to add a product or website to their own branding on a post which is sure to generate a buzz with their viewers.
We will look into influencers, or help you add your own company influencer content to a social media platform to help drive social engagement directly with customers. This is the evolution of the spokesperson from the old days of TV, re-invented for the modern internet, and they can work just for your brand to get your message shared to millions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Social media marketing leverages the massive scale of user interactivity on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other major platforms where content is free to share. It works through engagement, interacting directly with customers on their personal accounts, thereby personalizing the business or website you own with a human presence. If people can talk with you, they will be more likely to trust you and engage with your services.

Social media is the first place people will often go to learn about new businesses or brands. It’s widely used by millions of potential customers who are all capable of receiving marketing information that is relevant to their interests. Instead of searching on their own, they rely on automated search results to filter the best options up to them and engage with those results first. Being on social media puts you in this same pool of results to be interacted with and found.

No. There are many social media platforms and the primary goal of all of them is socialization. It’s about talking and communicating with other people. Businesses have found solid footing by driving conversations and pushing brand messaging, but this can be done anywhere. There are also more niche, selective services, sometimes within existing social media platforms, where people go to engage directly with a particular industry. Driving engagement on these platforms will guarantee higher retention and consistency than general use platforms, but diversification is also important.

It depends on the audience. Some audiences rely on constant attention to drive engagement and will want to interact more than you may be able to keep up with. Finding the right audiences is key, and tailoring a feed for them will increase their loyalty and engagement. People engage with people for socialization, but people on social media engage with business for relevant and worthy information more than anything.