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The Right Technology

Selecting the right technologies for your business can be a daunting task

At Red Orange Technologies, our seasoned technology gurus look at the problems your business is trying to solve and the processes you’d like to improve. We consider factors like your budget, manpower and current systems in place – then recommend the optimal systems for your business and integrate them. We are passionate about helping businesses improve operational efficiency and flow of information.

Our marketing automation solutions can help you:

  • Mitigate time consuming tasks
  • Improve your sales process
  • Integrate CRM/POS/ERP systems
  • Improve operational efficiency
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Red Orange Smart WiFi

The Latest & Greatest Technology for Your Local Business!

Turn your guest WiFI into your greatest marketing asset with our Smart WiFi marketing automation solution. With our cloud software enabled over your existing WiFi network you can access a wealth of rich WiFi analytics. Similar to website analytics, our platform provides real-time customer data and insight including name, age, gender, social interests, contact information, location, footfall, dwell, frequency of visits and much more.
With Smart Wifi, you can automatically:
  • Collect email addresses and customer insights
  • Improve your sales process
  • Entice new customers
  • Incentivize repeat customers
  • Offer personalized marketing communications

Automated Tasks for Businesses

With the rise of AI programing and algorithmic data, automation is becoming a valuable asset for the present world of online business. It’s no longer a future technology to have a program which does all the complex essential activities for you. Things like generating data-sets, lists and automating that data to the appropriate forms and functions is easily performed through automation. That said, setting up automation is still a task unto itself, something that a professional analyst or web technician is best at doing.
We can help install powerful automation tools to make your website gather and track data more efficiently, give your business a smooth customer friendly approach without the need for an always-online employee, and even automate the future improvements you can make to your system as your web-based business expands.

CRM/POS/ERP integration

These aren’t complicated hardware computing terms, they’re simple steps in the development and management of a business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is everything related to customer support and retainment through customer loyalty and assistance. Point-of-sales is the automated process behind setting up a payment system for online transfers with credit cards or other money-viable solutions. Enterprise Resource Planning manages the key business aspects like inventory, sales, accounting and other things on the back end that the customer – and even the owner – don’t need to see every day.

Tracking people's location and coronavirus outbreak: crowd of people keeping a safe distance and being located by a tracker app

Email Collection

When someone uses a website for the first time, it often asks for an email. Aside from being a simple way of distinguishing between genuine customers and web-crawling bots, having users sign up with emails will give you a stable collection of reliable data on who is real and therefore how many customers can bring future value to your business.
Gathering emails is simple and even simpler when it’s automated through a back-end process. These emails can then be used for later marketing campaigns, to track orders and inform customers of the purchases they made, and other useful retention related aspects of keeping your business alive and well.

Automatic Marketing Emails

Having hundreds of emails sounds good until you get down to the task of using them all. How do you reliably market to so many people in a fast enough fashion? You automate it. Automatic marketing emails allow you to set up templates which can then be automatically filled in with saved data from customer-made forms, so each email feels personalized with a name and comes with an intent-driven offer to keep them returning to the business.
There’s always a fine line drawn between promotional emails and outright spam. Automating email marketing is an art of its own, to make unique content that stays unique even after it’s been sent out and reread for the hundredth time. We can make that part easy so all you have to do is set it up on a schedule, or press a button to release them all.

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Personalized Marketing Communications

The problem people have with automation is that it feels impersonal. It’s robotic, stiff, it definitely comes off as a program talking to a person instead of a person talking. Technology has advanced significantly to fill those gaps, and now there are even bots programmed to hold live chats over text with customers in an efficient and personalized way.
Personalizing your marketing can take time to get everything right and communicate your business to as many people as possible. It can still be done through automation. It’s all about mutual personal respect, treating customers like people so they treat you (or your bots) like people too, with patience and understanding which are essential to driving positive feedback and engagement.

Automated Welcome Emails

Thank you for signing up for our service! Here are all the offers we can give you! If you’ve ever signed up for a new account on a service, you may have to verify it to prove the email belongs to you or adjust your parameters so that it can be properly stored. Having an engaging, exciting – and most of all, refreshing – welcome email is crucial for the customer to understand that you are there to listen to them.
Automating welcoming emails brings customers in extra-quick and keeps them interested by sticking around after they’re done with a first visit and reminding them that they might still have business with you later on. An effective turnover message can make a difference between a one-time customer and a loyal returning friend.

Smart-WiFi Email Capture

This is for the businesses still operating in a physical space, or who plan on expanding the services of a physical storefront. The world is always online, even when people aren’t at their computers. That’s because if someone has a smartphone, they have a computer on hand. Having your own WiFi on offer for customers lets them use the internet without worrying about roaming data or overbearing their data plans. Which is good, but how do you make it work for you?
Anyone who connects to your WiFi, even if it’s free, can still offer an email to it. Automated email collection can even happen without anyone logging into a computer to visit your business. You have all the benefits of automated data collection with the power of a physical storefront to stand out from other online businesses. Bring both worlds together with ease using this technology.

Advanced Analytics and Tracking

As data gathers and collects, much like rainwater, it has to be filtered and purified to get the best results. Measuring analytics and tracking user data is just one thing many SEO services can provide. But even this can be automated to increase the efficiency of datasets and up the searchability of a data warehouse. You’ll never have more data than you can use, and advanced analytics and tracking can help you manage what you’ve got.
We implement standard tracking and can also implement google tracking as well. Google’s own analytics tracking is automated, and pulling data from it to track users will help advance your business’ current and future needs. You can see where people come from, where they go, how long the stay et-cetera as the data is collected and stored in real time in the background.

Lead Collection

Automation helps cement your place in the present with high efficiency and affordable work done without any major time commitment. Lead collection can also be done to provide future solutions to customer retention and recruitment. All those emails, and all that tracking data of where customers come and go, results in a lead of where and how to find potential new customers.
Standard lead collection involves dry tests of simply putting your website out for random viewers to engage with or engaging in blind ad campaigns targeted to a general audience which narrows down as you find similar recurring customers. Automated lead collection does all of that, finds similarities between repeat buyers or one-time visitors, and lets you know where to find them and how many more you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing automation uses software which does all the monotonous work by itself with minimal user input. Its designed to know what kind of data its looking for, find it, gather it, store it, sort it and render it in a state where you the user – the human being – can properly make use of it for yourself. It reduces the time and effort needed to handle larger audiences, which promotes natural steady growth, servicing more customers as they come in while you focus on running the business itself.

Yes. Social media is also a crucial part of marketing which can be automated. Software exists which can offer calenders and timetables on when certain information or posts can be placed onto which account on what platform, all under the end user’s control. Your service provider can even create the posts for you to fully automate the process.

It is effective at saving time otherwise spent on individually performing repetitive tasks and processes, money on hiring additional employees to do the same, and it automates the analytics so you can observe the differences and make adjustments as soon as the results come back. This leaves you with time to focus on developing the business and other more complex, human-required tasks to personalize your website.