| Offshore office management
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Offshore office management

Get your own team without the hassle of team management

We know how convenient it is to have your own team working just for you on your golden idea but we are also aware of the amount of stress it puts on you when it comes to manage those resource. We have just the solution to handle this situation and to make it win win for you on both sides, we have created unique programs where you can hire Dedicated resource , a Team OR an Entire Office Setup with us and the good part is that you wont every have to worry about how they are being organised, we take care of that for you so that you can focus on what is more important.


Hire a dedicated resource

You can start it small, maybe you want to give it a try first before jumping into full swing development phase or maybe you just want to get the pilot out there for demos , no worries, we understand the strategy so go ahead, Hire individual dedicated resource who works for you and only you whenever he/she is working


Hire a dedicated team

If you are ready to make it big and you have exact plan and idea ready and you want to hit it hard since time is flying and you want to get there quick and fast and beat your competition, go ahead Hire a full team of expert, starting from strategy planners, system architects and Designers to Coders and Testers.Its your team working dedicatedly for you all the times making your dream come true


Have your own office

Would you feel more confirmable to have your own office setup ? an office which runs with your brand name with your company logo on it? you want to set it up your way with your favourite colour decoration ? but you don’t want to worry about how are you going to manage this ? Don’t worry, you can have it all except the worry of managing it. Let us take care of that for you.